Welcome to the PilkoPhotography website. Our site is designed to let you browse a selection of the photography we have carried out, the chance to purchase pictures that you may be interested in and provide you with information on equipment, techniques and other items to improve your own pictures. Of course we can only show a sample of our images so please contact us if there is any pictures you are interested in that are not currently on the website. Personally my main interests are Sport, Nature and Landscape but I also cover industrial, commercial and portraits.

I hope that you enjoy your visit to our website and return soon. Happy browsing....

Andy Pilkington

Book of the Month - Nikon Speedlight Flash System

Nikon AF Speedlight Flash System (Magic Lantern Guide) (Magic Lantern Guide)

The creative lighting system is Nikons wizard of a flash system, this book is writen by well known Nikon aficionado Simon Stafford and is a bible for the Nikon flash system. The book show not only the various range of flash equipment and accessories for the Nikon range of cameras but also how to set them up and depoy them for maximum effect. Using single and multiple flashes controlled from inbuilt or add on flash units. This book helps you solve thhose flash dilemas as well as move into the world of creativity. FOR FURTHER DETAILS AND TO ORDER CLICK ON BOOK COVER